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Bodoland Territorial Region

Bodoland, officially the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR), is an autonomous region in Assam, Northeast India. It is made up of five districts, namely,Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa, Tamulpur, and Udalguri, on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River, below the foothills of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. As the Bodoland Territorial Region borders the state of West Bengal, it is also the gateway to Northeastern India & South-East Asia. The region is predominantly inhabited by the Bodo people and other indigenous communities of Assam.

Diverse culture and traditions

It is a meeting point of different cultures and made up of different ethnic groups and shares rich heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs , belief systems, political systems, artifacts and showcases true essence of India. The region is unique in terms of food, clothes, music, and within our difference we find absolute beauty. Rich Peaceful coexistence and harmonious relationship amongst the communities and the wildlife shares rich legacy and upholding this unique relationship & togetherness for centuries.

Rich Biodiversity

The Bodoland Territorial Region is blessed with many forest and wildlife Sanctuary such as Manas National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Raimona National Park, Bornadi wildlife Sanctuary and Chakrashila wildlife Sanctuary. The house of multiple endemic species such as Golden Langur, Pygmy Hog & Hispid hare. Being a multi racial and multi religious country, tolerance is practiced by all & celebrating diverse relationships with wildlife is a reality since early days.

Manas National Park

On the foothills of the blue mountain of Bhutan, Chowki is another booming picnic spot for tourists. For those who love to experience naturein it's true form, we also provide dome tents.

Diplai Beel

Just a 30 minutes' drive from Kokrajhar town, and you will reach the picturesque Diplai Beel. This wet land is home to a large number of migratory and resident birds. Here, you will also find different species of amphibians. Take a ride to enjoy this all.


A paradise for nature lovers and a hot touris spot for picknickers, Bogamati is located at the foothills between the hilly range of Indo Bhutan border. Greenery and hills surrounds you here, as you watch the beautiful Bornadi river flow downhill. So captivating, so picturesque, it's easy to get lost in the arms of nature.


Surrounded by enormous beautiful hills, rivers and greenery, Bhairabkhunda is a quintessential picnic spot located on the place where River Dhanshri, on of the major tributary of Brahmaputra, originates. For the devotees of Lord Shiva, it is an important pilgrim destination, despite it being geographically a part of Bhutan territory. You will find hordes of Indian travelling here to offer prayers and offerings. Wedding ceremonies are also performed in this temple. Other attractions include power project of 20 MW capacity and the switch gate of the irrigation project.

Raimona National Park

The boundary of Raimona National Park is marked by the Sankosh River on the west, along the inter-state boundary of West Bengal and Assam from Indo-Bhutan border up to fire line Ride-6 southwards (BP30) and Saralbhanga River on the east, runs northwards till it touches the Indo-Bhutan international boundary on the north and remaining part of Ripu Reserve Forest on the south. The southern boundary runs eastwards along the fire line Ride-6 up to Pekua River where it runs at 90 degrees southwards till it meets the fire line Ride-3.The area is located along the Himalayan foothills and together with Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary of Bhutan and Buxa Tiger Reserve of West Bengal forms a fairly large trans-boundary conservation landscape of more than 2,400 km2 (930 sq mi).

Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary

Popular for its Golden Langur, this enchanting Sanctuary is spread across 45580.70 hectares and is specially designated for long-term conservation and preservation of Golden Langur . But that's not at all, at Chakrasila luck will surely be by your side when it comes to sightings ofLeopards, Himalayan Giant Squirrels, Chinese Pangolins, Jungle Cats, Burmese Rock Python and a host of other animals and birds you've never heard of before. Besides wildlife sightings, there's a lot to do around the Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary. With excursions to Sikhri Sikhla, Jarnagra, Baukungri/Bakaumari peak, Dibil Thakur Peak, Onthai Gufur, Dangdufur, Dheer Beel, Deeplai Beel, Bhalukjhora and Rubber Garden, Thers's a lot of adventure in store for you.

Ultapani Reserve Forest

Ultapani which literally means "Revers River" is a larger landscape of Manas Biospere. Around here, you will findButterflies, Pied Hornbills, and Wild Orchids in abundance, as it is a rich dwelling place for them all. Nature will also oblige you here with healthy sightings of AsianElephants, Golden Langur, Capped Langur, Tiger,Clouded Leopard, Leopard, Golden Cat, Fishing Cat andSambar.

Kachugaon Reserve Forest

Kachugaon Reserve Forest is popular for its timber treasure of vintage Sal Trees. And a trip here is incomplete without sightings of Asian Elephants, Golden Langur, Spotted Deer, Wild Dog, Yellow Throated Marten and Peafowl.